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•  Government Modernization and Efficiency, Vice Chair

•  A&B Transportation

•  Energy and Natural Resources

•  State and Federal Redistricting Oklahoma, County Subcommittee

•  Wildlife

HB 1752 – Coauthored with Hader, Signed into law

Addressed election integrity issue by mandating that all secretaries of county elections throughout the state receive a monthly list of deceased voters, and remove deceased persons’ voter registrations from county voter rolls. Election integrity and trust in the electoral process is essential to a strong democratic republic, and this piece of legislation mandates timely updates to the voter rolls to ensure that political opportunists do not vote on behalf of the dead.  


SB 770 – House Author with Stephens, Signed into law

Extended the tax check-off to allow Oklahomans to donate to the Oklahoma Wildlife Diversity Program via their tax returns—wildlife being a large part of that diversity. Donations to the Commission preserve and enhance wildlife in Oklahoma, thereby, strengthening Oklahoma’s ecological diversity.


HB 1032 – Coauthored with Mize, Signed into law

Coauthored legislation expanding entrepreneurship in home-based businesses. We increased the maximum gross annual sales standard, and expanded the formerly exclusionary definition of a homemade good. These reforms are significant for residents whose businesses and means of income depend on the creation of homemade foods.


HB1236 – Coauthored with House Speaker McCall, Signed into law

Coauthored legislation that vigorously pushes back against presidential executive orders and federal actions. The bill empowers the Oklahoma legislature by initiating a legal process to direct the state attorney general to review executive orders and federal actions to determine constitutionality. 


HB 1891 – Coauthored with Williams

Coathored an anti-telemarketing bill to address misleading telemarketing activities that conceal the source of calls.


HB 2648 – Coauthored with Hill, Signed into law

Coauthored a law that prohibits any government-forced closure of places of worship. Sadly, we witnessed bureaucrats and governmental attempts to limit or deny our First Amendment constitutionally guaranteed right to free exercise of religion, in the name of public health. This law makes it nearly impossible for any governmental entity to restrict our sacred religious right to worship freely.


HR 1005 – Coauthored with Steagall

Coauthored a House Resolution to defend our 10th Amendment rights. Since the inauguration of President Biden, the federal government has made a priority attempting to control what happens within our state border, infringing on our state rights. State officials and our current federal government need a strong reminder of the 10th Amendment’s importance to our Republic, because limiting the federal government’s scope to ‘narrow and defined’ strengthens American’s liberty  - and preserves freedom for future Americans to enjoy.

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